Home Page Refresh is a resource website where tech workers come to get smarter about their money. The founder, Malcolm Ethridge, reached out to us to redesign their website’s homepage to showcase that the site was more than just a podcast.

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The Brief

In our project with, we identified the need to update their website homepage to serve their expanding audience better. Through initial discovery calls, we determined that Tech-Money’s target audience consisted of tech workers from varying age groups who were seeking in-depth information about personal finance from a tech perspective.

However, the original website design solely featured the podcast and didn’t provide a straightforward way to showcase the additional resources available. Our challenge was to create a design that effectively communicated Tech-Money’s growth beyond the podcast and highlighted the resources they offer to help their audience better understand their finances.

The Challenge

During our initial discovery call, we discussed the needs of the company stakeholders and the website users.

When the website was first launched, the site was created to be a home for the podcast. As the company grew, it began to add more resources like blog posts and downloadable guides.

We discovered that Tech-Money’s audience ranged from a younger to more experienced generation of tech workers making impressive salaries and wanting to understand their money better. The problem is that most information found in a Google search is surface-level.

Tech-Money solves this problem by creating resources in-depth about traditional personal finance topics such as investing, taxes, equity compensation, real estate, insurance, and more from a tech worker’s perspective.

The challenge was that the original home page design was based solely on the podcast, so there wasn’t a place on the homepage to showcase these new resources or speak to their audience about how they had grown beyond the podcast.

The Strategy

After learning about the Tech Money audience and the needs of the new website homepage, we got to work in Figma to create a low-fidelity mockup of the proposed home page to showcase how and where the new resources would be showcased.

The next step was getting feedback from the Tech Money stakeholders. With a few edits, we moved on to create a high-fidelity mockup in Figma that would use all of the colors and images on the page.

We used the existing brand’s colors and chose images on Unsplash that showcased professionals in a work environment and people in their commutes with headphones. The types of images would help the website visitors see themselves in the imagery.

We also used user-interface elements in the home page graphics to help future website visitors envision themselves interacting with the blog, podcast, and other resources on the website.

Once we got feedback from the team on the high-fidelity mockups, we moved on to their WordPress website to begin the development of the new home page.

The Implementation

With an approved mockup of the new website, we begin to create the new home page on their existing WordPress website.

Their existing website theme used Elementor as a page builder, so we decided to continue using it with the new home page design.

The new design style of the home page was still similar to the rest of the website, as it was not a complete redesign of the website. Some of the things we did to make the new home page and the rest of the site flow together were:

  • Showcase the podcast, blog, and downloadables on the homepage.
  • Creating a new header with updated menu links to the podcast page.
  • Creating a new footer to help optimize the site for search engines.
  • Updating the page headers of existing pages.
  • Placing strategic opt-ins throughout the website to encourage more email signups.

In a 2-week timeframe, we rebuilt the homepage, performed quality assurance testing, and reviewed the final page with the Tech Money stakeholders.

The Results

Our strategic approach to the Tech Money homepage redesign has enabled the company to carry out its mission effectively and communicate its value to its website visitors.

The new home page showcases who they are, what they do, and how they can help their audience maximize their tech salaries. After a month of monitoring the analytics of their new home page, we discovered the following:

  • The website bounce rate decreased by 24%
  • The average duration of the site users increased by 13%
  • The email signups increased by 53%

Since the initial homepage redesign, the Tech Money team has subscribed to our Manage & Maintain WordPress Support plan, where we continue to optimize the website, provide maintenance, and fix technical issues as they arise.

Working with the Unzipped Marketing team has been a fantastic experience.

We love the quick turnaround time from when we make requests and the marketing advice they provide when we share ideas for a proposed change. I recommend using their services to any professional who prefers to focus on their expertise while letting the Unzipped Marketing team focus on your website.

Malcolm Ethridge

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